Andor László – intézetünk tanácsadó testületének elnöke – a FEPS Podcast sorozatának keretein belül beszélgetett Michael Miebach-hal, a Das Progressive Zentrum elnökével és társalapítójával.

Michael Miebach, Chair and Co-Founder of Das Progressive Zentrum, and László Andor, FEPS Secretary General, analyse the legacy of Angela Merkel in Germany and Europe after 16 years in office: her strengths and flaws and her role in decisive episodes like the crisis of the Eurozone or the 2015 refugee crisis. Focusing on the latest developments, Miebach and Andor discuss the reasons behind the SPD victory under the leadership of Olaf Scholz and they also explore the critical issues that the “traffic light” coalition will face in the coming period.