Andor László – intézetünk tanácsadó testületének elnöke – a FEPS Podcast sorozatának keretein belül beszélgetett Stephen Bevannal, az Institute for Employment Studies emberi erőforrások kutatásfejlesztési részlegének vezetőjével.

Stephen Bevan, Head of HR research development at the Institute for Employment Studies and László Andor, FEPS Secretary General, discuss the impact of COVID-19 in the working conditions, based on the results of the new study about the UK, and compare the main conclusions with the situation in the countries and regions of the European Union. They highlight how the pandemic created the concept of “key workers” and gave rise to new practices like homeworking. The impact on social inequalities and flexibile forms of employment are also discussed.

Bevan and Andor touch upon other important issues related to health at work, and elaborate on wellbeing as well as mental health. They appreciate the endeavour of the EU to create a Health Union provide effective support to member states in their fight against cancer.


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