Andor László – intézetünk tanácsadó testületének elnöke – a FEPS Podcast sorozatának keretein belül beszélgetett Guy Ryderrel, a Nemzetközi Munkaügyi Szervezet (ILO) főigazgatójával.

Guy Ryder, ILO Director General, and László Andor, FEPS Secretary General analyse in this episode the main transformative challenges in the world of work: new technology, climate change, digitalisation and aging population. The International Labour Organisation proposed innovative solutions in three different fields: people and their capacities (social protection, lifelong learning), institutions of work (labour regulations/law) and jobs of the future (green economy, care economy etc.). The two speakers agree that the European Union’s example, even if not perfect, offers many forward-looking examples also for the rest of the world. They bring to our attention the problem of rising inequality and the very uneven recovery experience from COVID 19 in advanced economies and developing countries, even if the pandemic highlighted that global challenges need global responses, and stronger multilateral structures in the long-run.